The below policy applies to all kits purchased online from GeneHabit’s website. This policy provides guidelines for the return and refund of unused kits and limited refund or replacement after kits have been used. Unless required by law or specifically listed provision in this policy, any returns or refunds will be at the sole discretion of GeneHabit and without any liability or prejudice of its rights.

You can [email protected] for any Further Enquiries

Return and Refund Prior to Use of Kits

Returns within 7 Business Days

GeneHabit accepts returns if notified within 7 days of delivery of kits on [email protected]. You need to return the kit within 14 days of notifying us of the return as per instructions. You will be liable for all costs of shipping and return of kits subject to applicable law. GeneHabit will refund you in the manner that we received payments from you. A payment processing fee administration fee is applicable for the payments and refund processing.

In order to receive full returns as above, kits should be returned back undamaged, unused, and in original sealed packing. If the kit has been opened but not used or processed, you will receive a refund of 50% of the kit’s price paid. If the kit has already been used, no returns will be accepted by us.

Damaged / Missing Kits

In case, you received damaged or defective kits or kits with missing parts, you must notify us within 15 business days of kit delivery at [email protected] to get a new kit shipped to you. Optionally you could request for a refund claim if notified within 15 business days. You are required to keep all kit packing material, boxes, and broken items and provide them to us on request for investigation. We may request images of broken or damaged kits. We will bear the cost of return or new kit shipments. On confirmation of damaged or missing kits, we will ship you a new replacement kit within 5 business days.

Undelivered Kits

If you refuse to accept ordered kits or if the kits are non-delivered, refunds will be provided subject to a return handling fee as per law. Genehabit reserves the right to refuse delivery of kits returned by customers that require payment fees that have not been pre-paid by the sender.

In case of non-deliveries where tracking information shows that the kit has been delivered, you must notify us immediately at [email protected] to initiate a lost package tracer with the courier. GeneHabit will imitate a replacement kit order after the courier terminates a tracer request at its own cost.

In case of lost orders where we make use of local tracked mail services for delivery, we will replace kits once you make a replacement request on [email protected].

We reserve the right to investigate the circumstances of lost kits or incorrectly delivered kits and will not be liable to replace a lost kit if you have entered an incorrect delivery address.

GeneHabit will not provide refunds for any lost kit under any circumstances or be liable for any claims arising from such loss, other than as expressly provided in this policy and subject to applicable law.

Discretionary Refunds and Replacements of Kits after use

GeneHabit in its own discretion may provide limited refunds or replacements in circumstances where an investigation indicates that the test was not performed as required or advertised.

If you believe your results are not as advertised, you must notify us within 5 business days on [email protected] and request for refund. You would need to provide reasons for your refund claim. GeneHabit will then launch its investigation for your claim and respond back in 5 business days. In case your claim stands valid, GeneHabit will initiate the refund process in 3 working days.

GeneHabit will under no circumstances offer full or partial refunds on the basis that you do not agree with the results provided for the tests, given that due process was followed during testing.