How do We Use Your Information?

We will use the information that we collect about you for the following purposes to present, provide, and improve our Services. We primarily use your identifiers, demographic, commercial, internet, or other electronic network activity information and preferences to present and provide our Services to you. This includes the following:

  • Providing you with appropriate search results and personalized content;
  • Processing your purchases;
  • Verifying your identity;
  • Recognize you when you return to our Services;
  • Providing you notices about your account;
  • Notifying you about updates or changes to our Services or any DNA Product Partner or other third-party services we offer or provide through our platform.
  • We provide you with information or services that you otherwise request from us.

To improve our Services or to develop and provide new products and services, we may use your Self-Reported Information, identifiers, demographic information, commercial information, and internet or other electronic network activity information and preferences as follows:

  • To track your usage of our Services;
  • To administer a survey;
  • To perform quality control and quality improvement activities;
  • To conduct data analysis about users of our Services, our audience size, and usage trends;
  • To conduct marketing campaigns and targeted online advertising, and to monitor the success of our marketing activities.

Data Security and Storage Policy

To ensure confidentiality, samples are also bar-coded to ensure that only you will have access to both your personal information and genetic information. GeneHabit will have access to their results for 1 year from the time the test results are available. Customers can also write to us to request the eradication of their genetic data from our database. In that case, GeneHabit will not be able to offer future services.

  • Privacy and Security of Information

Genehabit will store your bar-coded and anonymized DNA sample so that you will have the opportunity to be tested for additional genetic variants as new discoveries are made and the science develops. We do this so that new tests can be performed at your request without the need to collect another saliva sample and its associated costs. However, you may have your sample destroyed by sending a written request to us.

Your personal genetic information will never be disclosed to a third party without your explicit written consent to do so unless required by law.

GeneHabit uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt information that is transmitted over the Internet. This technology uses 256-bit encryption, which ensures that confidential information cannot be viewed, intercepted, or altered.

GeneHabit may update our privacy and security policies and practices from time to time. We will continue to use commercially reasonable safeguards against unauthorized disclosure of or access to your genetic data or other personally identifiable information about you.

However, by agreeing to use the Service, you acknowledge that security safeguards, by their nature, are capable of being circumvented and that cannot guarantee that personally identifiable information about you will not be accessed by unauthorized people who are able to overcome such safeguards, including actions aimed at accessing information over the Internet.

You should be careful about sharing the results of your Report and any related information. Genetic information that you share with others may be used against your interests. You may wish to seek legal advice to understand the extent of the legal protection of your genetic information before you share it with anybody. Genetic information that you choose to share with your physician or other health care provider may become part of your medical record and may become accessible to other health care providers or insurance. If you are asked by an insurance company whether you have learned about your genetic information and you do not disclose this to them, this may be considered to be a fraud.

GeneHabit cannot be responsible for any personally identifiable genetic information about you that you release on your own, or that you request or authorize us to release.

Testing Accuracy

In providing test results for GeneHabit, microarray chips have been customized through our research primarily to accommodate ETHENIC genetic profiles that have been developed. The testing accuracy varies based on the quality of the DNA that is received from customers; we strive to provide accurate results.

Scientific Discovery and Validation

Despite the increasing demand for genetic testing for preventive or diagnostic purposes, genetic research is still in its infancy stage in terms of Scientific Discovery. Currently, it is widely known that roughly 80% of the genome’s function has been decoded, thus, there are still limitations in the information offered. Under such limitations, GeneHabit has incorporated internal guidelines to ensure our customers receive the most updated information and results available today. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Ethnic Background: We check for scientific proof for biomarkers available for Caucasian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and African population and provides a reference for population availability.
  • Academic Papers and Research Papers are available for the disease and are the most recent.
  • Evaluation of Scientific Proof is assessed by our Genetic Research Team

As the leading company for Genetic Testing, GeneHabit adheres to providing Best Practices in a rapidly changing environment. However, please be cautious that new findings may result in the change, addition, or omission, of genes which may affect the risks that are currently made available. Thus, customers should be aware that GeneHabit test results are limited in their current capacity, and that they may not be without validation or replication in the future. Furthermore, please be advised that GeneHabit tests are not diagnostic in nature and should not be used to diagnose or replace any medical assessment made by a medical professional.

By using the GeneHabit service, you also represent and warrant that any saliva samples you submit to us as part of the Service are your own, that you have followed the saliva collection instructions provided, and that you will not use our website or the Service for any purpose that is unlawful, unethical or in violation of these Terms.

GeneHabit Test is not Medical Advice

The Service, including test results, your personalized nutrition report (Report), and any other information provided in our materials or on this website, is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

You may speak to healthcare professionals to discuss background information regarding your Report. However, healthcare professionals and clinics are expected to adhere to all applicable laws and professional rules and regulations concerning the provision of nutritional advice. The geneHabit test kit is not a diagnostic test.

Regardless of any information contained in, related to, or given in association with your report, you should seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider if you have questions regarding any medical condition, or if you are experiencing any symptoms you believe to be a medical condition. You should not ignore professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information contained in your report. You should not interpret your report or any other information provided in relation to it as recommending any specific treatment plan, product, or course of action related to a treatment for a medical condition. Always consult your physician or another qualified health provider before starting any new treatment, or stopping any treatment that has been prescribed for you by your physician or other qualified health providers.