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Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It is the substance that holds the body together. Think of collagen as a glue that sticks your tissue together and provides smoothness and firmness to your skin. Breakdown and depletion of collage are linked to a number of health problems mainly skin aging.

With age, the body produces less collagen. The structural integrity of the skin declines, wrinkles form and joint cartilage weakens. Women experience a dramatic reduction in collagen synthesis after menopause.

Endogenous collagen is natural collagen, synthesized by the body. Exogenous collagen is synthetic and It comes from an outside source, such as supplements.

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Role of Genes in collagen breakdown

Genetic predispositions play a big role in determining both the speed of collagen production and breakdown. Key genetic variations can identify if the production and breakdown of collagen is in balance, or if the breakdown of collagen predominates, which results in appearance of premature wrinkles, aging and sagging of the skin.

Know your Predisposition of collagen damage as per your Ethnicity

Recent scientific studies have revealed that collagen damage has a different pattern of appearance as per ethnic groups.

Caucasians have an earlier onset and greater skin wrinkling and sagging signs than other skin types. In a study, Chinese women had significantly more severe wrinkles in the area around eyes compared with Japanese women, while Thai women had significantly more severe wrinkles in the lower halves of their faces compared with Chinese women.

At GeneHabit, we have a robust database of genetic variations that impact early onset of aging via collagen damage based on different ethnicity. Our DNA test generates a risk score for collagen damage as per your ethnicity along with recommendations for diet and supplements to keep your skin healthy and shiny.

Common Disorder related to Collagen Degradation

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Freckles
  3. Sun Damage

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Know What your Skin wants for Lubrication (nutrients)

Your skin is just like a fine membrane which needs lubrication and nutrients to maintain its integrity and prevents dryness or aging. Our Skinlife DNA test identifies the type and quantity of nutrients required by your skin. Based on test results we provide recommendations for diet and commercial topical products for your skin type.

There are a number of products and treatments both natural and commercially available that can be used to provide the exact amount of nutrients to your skin. Our SkinLife DNA test provides you with a personalized recommendation that helps you choose the correct product type for the best results.

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